My Plan is Coming Together

Last Update: May 01, 2019
I'm Ready To Make It Happen

I know the direction I'm going, I've already made out a plan. My idea is to show people after the age of 59 that there's still a lot of life to live. I hear so many females say, "I'm too old to dance, or I'm too old to wear that, or the number one complaint, I'm too old to have sex." I know there's a lot of women and men who have given up on life and have forgotten how to be happy. I want to bring a lot of things to awareness thru my blog. My goal is reach as many as I can by the end of 2019 and have a substantial following. I want to publish quality content and I will because I have a lot to say and I've experienced a lot in this life. I'm really excited about this project and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you guys and get your input on some things that I want to try.


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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Best wishes as you continue to create opportunities for people to explore, like they say with life the best has still yet to come.