An Affiliate Dream in the Making

Last Update: May 04, 2019

If a Dream could walk, where would it go? If a Dream could talk, what would it say? I close my eyes at night and wonder what it would be like to live in a Dream so far away. To start the day, over and over, with only one thought in your mind. I can make it, no one can stop me, and all I need is a little time. An idea and a little passion, the determination to see it thru. To reach out if I have a problem, to lend a hand, if I need too. What would it be like not to worry, if you ranked high in google or not. To make a sale without leaving your bedroom, coins flowing thru your mail box. To get the top salesman of the year award, and a trip to Vegas for free. A smack on your cheek awakes you, and a loud voice speaks clear in your ear. It's time to get up, are you dreaming? You open your eyes with tears, I thought I had finally made it, but reality once again kicked in. How many more classes must I take, will I ever make that 1st sale. I keep telling myself over and over, keep at it, only time will tell. I'll stick with my plan to move myself from poverty and despair and surround myself with those like me whose dreams and goals we share. One day the doors will open after closing time and time again. I'll open my eyes, welcome the challenge so that I can say to you, now that I've made it to the top, I'll leave the path clear for you my affiliate.



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PatsonCool Premium
Very poetic motivational write up here ScottInk. Great prose.
TimMoto Premium
Like your graphic BTW.
TimMoto Premium
I like this. It's very much like what many of us go through so relating too this is easy at least for me. Congrats on your venture and continued good fortune.