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A new year, A new direction. Where does the time go? This is what I askl myself every morning when I rise. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into building my business but somehow, I always miss the mark. You have to wonder, how are all these people making money online, what are they doing? Is it a secret? I run this question through my mind 10 times a day, at least. I still can’t get a direct answer. I’ve even went to Clickbank University and I was still left with quest
October 02, 2020
I'm on Top of the World. I know I'm going to make it, for every day that gets harder, somehow, I seem to get smarter. I've seen everyone else do it, so why can't I. If the others can sell on Amazon, why can't I? If the others can make millions, why can't I? I will not let my goals get me down. I'm going to turn my thinking around and think positive in everything I do, no matter how dark it seems, the light eventually will come shining through. Thank you WA Family for guidance with all you
April 18, 2020
I am so determined to get up and running. I had a little set back but I'm back in the game again. I'm so thrilled that my WA Family is still here for support. We could all use a little love after all this madness that is going around. I've managed to stay focused on my goals, first one being to catch up on my lessons. I did manage to upload my new site which is . I'd appreciate if all of you would stop by and check it out. The purpose of this site is to promote m
Hello Family,I'm so glad you're here. It's been a while since I've had a heart to heart with you but today, I decided that the time has come. I made a decision and came to an agreement that I cannot be a Master of Everythingno matter how hard I try. Have you ever had a time when you’ve asked yourself, what the hell am I doing? You have so many projects that you want to complete in life but you just can’t seem to get started. That’s where I am today and I'm so tired of spinn
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I'm really excited about this. This has inspired me to push harder. I'm getting ready for the next phase. My goal now is to capture an audience, invite them in and give them an experience they won't forget. In hope that they will keep coming back for more. I want to build a repoire with the customer and as that trust develops, the sells will start to roll in. I cannot wait to get my first sale. Thanks to all of you team for your support. ScottlnkTrue2U
If a Dream could walk, where would it go? If a Dream could talk, what would it say? I close my eyes at night and wonder what it would be like to live in a Dream so far away. To start the day, over and over, with only one thought in your mind. I can make it, no one can stop me, and all I need is a little time. An idea and a little passion, the determination to see it thru. To reach out if I have a problem, to lend a hand, if I need too. What would it be like not to worry, if you ranked high i
I'm Ready To Make It HappenI know the direction I'm going, I've already made out a plan. My idea is to show people after the age of 59 that there's still a lot of life to live. I hear so many females say, "I'm too old to dance, or I'm too old to wear that, or the number one complaint, I'm too old to have sex." I know there's a lot of women and men who have given up on life and have forgotten how to be happy. I want to bring a lot of things to awareness thru my blog. My goal is reach as man
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April 24, 2019
With every breath we take, we trust. You can't see air, yet you know you can breathe. So who do you trust? Are you a caring person? Do you put too much trust in others? You might want to rethink your decision before you let someone earn your trust. The world has changed. No longer do we live in the era of unlocked doors and open windows. You ask yourself, what happened, what changed and why? We're living in a world no longer milk and honey but a greedy world defined with luck and mo
I am totally excited that I've made it through the first chapter. I feel good being around so many positive people. We all want the same thing and all of us deserve a pat on the back. This task is not easy and after trying for so long, its so easy not to want to give up. If I ever, or when I do make my first sale, I plan to frame it. I am determined to make this work. I am an affiliate marketer and I wear this title with pride. I am Going To Make It and from the words of a man that I hav
You have to wonder why do some affiliates make it and some don't. What do they know, that I don't? I do believe that I had finally started making money with Clickbank but there were so many rules, so many product lines and by the time I started making money, I didn't know what to do. I couldn't even read my charts but I was smart enough to know that I was making money yet giving it all away. No one at Clickbank would tell me. How could I have 30 product lines showing that I was selling pro