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December 23, 2020
Hi fellow affiliatesI'm still not blogging very much because I'm busy working on my website's content.This week I completed a major webpage - it was probably a bit big (content -wise) because I have been trying to keep my webpages relatively small and simple, and to have more of them. But the webpage that I completed this week was on a big topic, and in my mind it was a single topic which required a single webpage.What do you think? Is it alright to have a big webpage if you are dealing with a
December 17, 2020
Hi fellow WAersI am not seen here blogging much because I'm focussing on building content for my website. I figured the people who run the affiliate programs would want to see a website full of content before approving my affiliate applications.I'm still working on content, but so far I have 10 pages and 10 posts (8 of the posts are published and I will publish the other two over the next 2 days so they don't look like they were all published on the same day).So far I don't have any live link
December 06, 2020
Hi fellow affiliatesThis is my first blog post - I upgraded to a paid membership a couple of weeks ago I suppose - I'm not exactly sure when (time flies when you're having fun!).I have been working my way through the training (I'm currently up to module 10 of the second course) and have been focusing mainly on research and developing content. So you probably haven't seen much of me chatting or responding to blog posts.I'm okay at researching and writing, but I've never done website building be