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Last Update: Jun 10, 2022

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Hey everyone! I am happy to be here and I am thankful there is a community available to help, support, befriend, get training, and basically just be apart of. I did chose the Pit bull dog niche. I have 2 pit bulls and they make me smile so much, I just love them so I really thought this would be good for me.

I do want to promote WA and I will do that within some content but I am not an expert in making money online yet so I just personally didnt feel that was the right niche yet. In time I do want to do that niche though.

I also would love to eventually write a book and have it on Amazon. I will probably do a pitbull book and I'd love to do a book for woman becomming successful online or something to that nature. I wont get ahead of myself though, lol. I am very new to this.

I own a cleaning business, No More Dust Bunnies Cleaning Service, LLC. I actually do not plan to do this forever, I plan to one day work on my business, not in it. And focus mainly online. I didnt do cleaning as a niche although I probably should of because I dont want to work all day to come home and then make content on cleaning. But I may make a online business with cleaning one day as I can think of a lot of content and am probably an expert in that field. Anyway thank you for reading. I am all in as I really want to make a passive income, and stay at home.

I started college for business and was going to get into marketing but then I had an issue with financial aid and decided to not continue. Truelly it was a blessing in disguise because I can learn so much just being apart of a reputable community and dig in on the training. I love learning, I love helping people, and I know the importance of the people you surround yourself with. I do not have many friends that I spend time with day to day, or even talk to for that matter as I am very a busy woman, mom, and wife I do have a small few but I am particular who I spend my time with and who I trust.

So I would love to make some friends who are aiming for the growth and success, Since a bird of a feather flocks together, If you are new, your not alone. Just dont give up. And the easiest way to not give up is to get involved. If you stay on the outside, it is much more of a chance you will give up because you may not have the same accountability as if you dive in and communicate. My wibe side I made is It is not completley done as I am following along in the training, It deff does need to be more spruced up though. I do have one of my pit bulls pictures on there though. He is running with the ball in his mouth.

Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to WA. All the best. Jim

Welcome to WA! So happy to have you here. Anyone who has a fur baby is immediately categorized as a friend - no questions asked. Good for you that you’ve been busy all this time with your business and now you’re starting a whole new journey. I wish you nothing but the best xx


Hi Stephanie,
I went to your website and was WOWed, Your content is awesome.
I started the first of June and you have really done a wonderful job with your first website. I wish I could say the same It took me awhile to write my second blog as I just finished it today. I am at
"" I find writing very hard for me but I am keeping at it.
I whish you the best!!

Al Sainsbury

Welcome to WA and what a great way to start... that cleaning business is sure a good niche and needs some rethinking.

Good luck and all the best on your journey.

You are the type of person that will go far in this business.
I am a newbie myself but the training I have got here is wonderful.
It has helped me do things the I never thought I could.
Keep up the good work, and best of luck for you.

Al Sainsbury

Thank you! Best of luck to you also!

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