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March 26, 2020
I've tried for a week to write this blog.I've tried to do a lot of things this past week.What I was able to do was stress, pace the floor, clean everything in sight, organize every drawer and closet.What I could not do: eat, sleep, read, write, sew, sit still, focus on anything that would distract me from the slow implosion occurring in all our lives. I didn't know if I was coming or going - I was completely without direction.Thank you Covid-19 - I am now officially ADHD.As much as I don't li
Well yes, actually, you can.Not only can you learn "That" but "This" and just about anything else in between to be successful in the world of affiliate marketing. No matter how you look at it, this entire platform is really just one big learning experience and as much as I feel every blog and every training deserves a mention it is impractical to even attempt to do that here What I will do is share what I've learned here in within the sort span of the past 7-8 days alone!It's no secret each ti
When I first began my attempt to define my niche and create a website, I was too preoccupied with the myriad of other details to fully consider my audience. Yes, I had an understanding that the people who would be interested in the information offered on my site would be people who are quilters, what I didn't understand was that the "quilter" demographic was too broad and too general. The first few posts (and several in the middle!) on my site are a clear indication that I lacked direction an
First of all, what the heck is Risotto? Secondly, what does Risotto have to do with training here at WA?HAT TIP to Jeff and his Blog Dogs for providing the inspiration for this post!Now, on to the answers...Answer to #1 - Risotto actually refers to an Italian method of cooking rice (specifically, Arborio rice) however, it is also used as a noun to refer to the cooked rice dish itself.The process of making risotto (as compared to cooking a 'quick' rice in a pan of water on the stove top or in t
November 28, 2019
If for no other reason than this, Thanksgiving Day is providing me with a much-needed reminder to stop whining and complaining and just be thankful.What follows is not intended to be an exhaustive list but a starting point that sets an intention for me to be more grateful - not just today but everyday.Thankful I have friends and family to share ideas and memories and with that, the promise of new and exciting experiences to be made in the future.Thankful I have my vision and I am able to see an
One YearREFLECTWhen used as a verb pretty much describes how I've recently spent a portion of my free time - contemplating and reviewing the past one year, the progress I've made with my one website and what I've determined to be the number one lesson learned - at least so far.One WebsiteIf you had asked me over a year ago would I be willing to build a website, in all likelihood I would have said, "No way!" In the beginning, the idea of building a website from the ground up sounded very intimid
It's funny how a person's interests change after they become a Premium member and create their own website (s). A year ago I never would have given a second glance when reading a news headline that included the words "SEO", "Content", "Site Map" or "Indexed".Mind you, my website is still young and doesn't receive much traffic but I still like to keep up with what traffic I do have and be aware of if and when a new page becomes indexed and I'm all about keeping up with the latest happenings in
Indoor plumbing? Electricity? The printing press?All are great answers however, I have made a discovery that deserves a place on this impressive list of modern conveniences. To be clear, this is more than a convenience - it has restored (somewhat) my sanity and ability to get good night's sleep - something bread, water, light or a book have never been able to do!The closer it gets to the end of the year the more responsibilities I have and this what causes me to lose sleep. (As much as I hat
September 30, 2018
Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reading severalposts discussing the “absent mentor” and it has prompted me to ask, "What is a mentor and is a mentor necessary to be successful at WA?"No doubt, havingsomeone to hold your hand and lead you along step-by-step might not the worst thing tohappen to you however, there are many of us here at WA that are thriving and doing very well without the daily/weekly/hourly support of a mentor. I’ve been here since mid-July and,
September 17, 2018
It took me long enough but I'm finally on lesson 10 of Level 4 EOC training. For those of you that have completed this you will remember the training centers on the use of social media - specifically, the how and why of social media to facilitate our success in the world of affiliate marketing.Watching the videos and following the training I found myself in Google-land in search of the how and why of social media. After a few minutes of scrolling through several sites I began to notice a patt