"Strengths" Training

Last Update: August 19, 2016

People typically understand the physical aspect of strength training. Using weights or your own body to develop muscles and increase your strength.

However, did you know that you have other type of strengths? The Gallup Strengths Center has put together material on how to identify your talents to develop them into strengths. Their research proves that people succeed when they focus on what they do best.

When I have taken the survey, I have Relator, Input, Responsibility. Intellection and Arranger as my top five themes. When you look at how I approach my business, it really makes sense. I try to build relationships based on shared information and experiences (Relator and Input). I have a keen sense of responsibility to share what I learn so others may benefit. I enjoy an intellectual endeavor, such as the training provided here and enjoy learning. And, finally, I really love to arrange facts, resources and people into patterns that are effective and efficient. That also is at use with my professional organizing business.

You probably have a completely different set of strengths; though we can both be successful when we use our own strengths to our advantage.

Take the time to think about your talents and strengths. Use those to build your business. You don't need to borrow from others if it doesn't match your own talents. Be true to what you know how to do. If you need some help in identifying your own strengths, the Gallup Center offers a low cost analysis by completing an inventory.

I am not being paid for this, I just truly believe in their approach to learning about yourself and building upon the best your have to offer.



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MPollock Premium
Great article, finding strengths of the mind helps you stay motivated and in control.
suzzziq Premium
Great info.:) Thanks for the share:)
bigrog44 Premium
I checked out your website.
sasplund Premium
The Gallup website is not mine. It is owned by Gallup. I am not affiliated with them directly to receive any profit. I just really like their stuff. I hope you liked the site. Knowing your strengths can be really helpful.
bigrog44 Premium