My blog a day keeps my negation away!

Last Update: March 29, 2017

Because simply you are!!

Turn your frown upside down

The art of Life Abundance is with in you.


I will be doing a blog daily just to re-inforce my appreciation for life and how life can be for us.

Gratitude is my blog today.

The importance of Gratitude is not to say this but to believe this.

These two simple words can help you!!

Anthony Robbins is just one of many powerful and influential teachers that show you how to become Wealthy in self, life and money. One thing he enthuses very intently is to get yourself into a higher state.

Yes just this can help you have life prosperity and live your dreams.

How you may say is it possible to get in a high state when life throws hurdles and challenges at us constantly...Simple daily stuff like being stuck in a traffic jam! being on time for work?? the kids are playing up?? the house is a mess? The bills need paying??

Life is as we see it! Life is good!! Life is the best gift you have.

Life is a gift. But now you maybe thinking how do we be grateful??

Gratitude diary

I have done one of these now for 4 months. There is always time to write 5 important affirmations a day that you give thanks for. These are a few of mine. I add extra daily but these are my most important.

1. I am grateful to be chosen. I have been chosen to be on this earth and experience my own unique life journey.

2. I am grateful for the air I breathe, the nature around us, the beauty of this world and the amazing gift of life.

3. I am grateful for my family as they are my reasons WHY.

4. I am grateful for food we have and choice we have.

5. I am grateful for all my friends from the UK, USA and other continents far and wide that give love support, education and reciprocity.

Saying thank you, bring thankful, giving thanks is simple.

Its simple to love and be appreciative. Look at what you have not what you don't have.

Look at your family and friends that love you than dwell on ones that don't seem to. Look at what life does for you not to you..Look how lucky you are...there are always those who have less...look at abundance not lack..

Feeling happy, joyful and loving puts us in a happy energised state that helps us cope with life challenges.

Be grateful and appreciative of everything.. Re- affirming and believing this daily helps a low energy state to become a higher one. A high energy states release endorphins that are happy hormones. Happy hormones are happy people and happy people make more happy people. Life is easier with happy people!!

Thankyou is simple in words to practice to oneself than to play out in the real world.

But...this will help you if you feel your life is working against you. No matter what adversity or negation is thrown at you - being grateful will make anyone stronger, wiser, courageous and confident. This is the learning curve or life and making oneself Wealthy in life abundance.

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PhilipDErole Premium
Awesome blog. I'm really new and have no idea where to even start or how LoL
Sarajane4343 Premium
Your upline will help you.
I just follow the training.
The great thing with WA are new friends. They will help you with what ever you need to build yourself a great future with WA!
Sarajane4343 Premium
I keep editing it and even deleted the first one by mistake.
My intentions are to share what I learn. Thankyou for reading
NarasimhaRao Premium
Very Nice.