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Last Update: March 18, 2014

When I started out I could not think of a niche for the life of me. I decided that I would do the affiliate bootcamp. I have learned a lot through completing the first phase of the bootcamp. I have a website up and semi running. My problem is that I am unable to come up with anything to write about. Nothing. Completely blank. This is very frustrating to me. I am not usually at a loss for words, however this has left me that way. The last few days I have been racking my brain about things to write about for my website. Still nothing. I think that it is time for a change. I will be shifting my focus to a different niche that I have finally come up with that I know that I will be able to write about.

I am not going to delete my affiliate bootcamp website at this point and in a few weeks when I know more about the whole online marketing world I will come back to it. For now I need to learn on a niche that I know I will have enough material to write about. This will allow me to be able to focus on my article writing, website building, as well as the lessons that are here at WA.

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divadejunk Premium
I think that's a smart move. Sometimes we have to move away from what we're doing for awhile and focus our attention on something new. Then things have a way of falling into place. All the best to you!
RaineyC Premium
I think you've made a wise decision. I know that for me, writer's block is usually a signal that something isn't right. Don't waste time beating yourself up over it. Shift gears and keep on going.
Sui_generis Premium
Content is important so you must feel comfortable talking about your niche and have a lot to say. Did you pick a new niche?
SandyM Premium
I think that I have. I am going to sit down a write a few articles and see how it flows before I put a lot of time in to building a site this time.