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December 24, 2013
Confession of a survivor The old timers of Toronto don’t remember the ice storm like the one that happened on Sunday, the 22nd of December. The night sky was lightened with bright flashes, which reminded one of the aurora borealis. Those were the sparks coming from transformers going down the drain. The ground and whatever was growing and standing on it were covered with few centimeters of ice. From one hand, it looks so beautiful,
Today, I found one of my posts on the first page of Google. My first article was published on Street Articles. I don't know what to think. I still can't find some of my posts on Google at all and don't know what to think. From one hand, there is still a lot to do. From the other hand, I think it is kind of a success. I might lie down on the couch and imagine the kilometers of affiliated links and flows of green banknotes to my pockets. But the reality is, "It is just one post. I still have to k
October 13, 2013
To all who helped me and will, who didn’t, but will, who didn’t and won’t, to all community of WA I am giving my deep thanks. This holiday is being considered a Family Holiday and I truly believe that Kyle and Carson, co-owners and co-founders of WA won’t mind that I and (I hope) the others members of WA community consider WA as our Family. I wish to all of you family and personal happiness, good health and good luck and best wishes in business, particularly IM. Cheers, SamTea