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Hey guys,Yesterday I wrote about how Google evaluates a site and search result to deliver the top rankings to searchers: I just want to touch on a few other important things to take notice of and I'd like for you to even test these for yourself to see how simple it is to overlook the obvious. Especially when you're so focused on the question of "How Do I Rank In Google?"Personal ExperimentAs I combed through hundreds of search
Problem?So almost daily, people get frustrated by their rankings tanking.One day it's cruising at #3 page 1, the next...oblivion.Now I am not claiming to have all the answers but some things I have been doing lately have worked very well so just wanted to share them.I'll get into that in a minute.Think back to the web spam days when anyone could literally throw up a single page with keywords stuffed everywhere, or PPC traffic to a poor landing page and make a killing. After Google wacked that m
January 10, 2016
I'll make it short and sweet.After a series of consecutive 14-16 hour days, I've got two sites up and firing. Not in the least bit worried about traffic or sales - I just put together as best quality sites as I could. Build it and they'll come. Will give regular updates as the sites gain traction.Wishing all mighty success!
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