My first 2 months at WA

Last Update: May 27, 2015

Hi there, I joined WA in early April - nearly 2months ago. When I joined I didn't think I knew anything and wasn't quite sure how far I would get. I always wanted to make up my own website but had no idea where to start or on what I wanted to write. I looked into Website design by correspondence and apart from the cost of it, the abbreviations and behind the scenes stuff all went way over my head so I didn't pursue it.

I saw a WA ad on the computer one day and thought would have a look, well I was hooked and after the first week and going through the first few lessons, I thought mmmm time has really moved on and it is so much easier now. The first few lessons were so easy to follow that I decided to become Premium and am so glad I did.

The comradeship here is wonderful and so helpful as its the behind the scenes that still bamboozle me. If something goes wrong with my website I'm lost. I'm hoping with time and more lessons I can work things out or if not there is always someone out there who will lend a helping hand and hopefully I will be able to understand their directions as they need to be SIMPLE!!!

My first blog on WA - hope its not too boring.

Cheers and why not check out my website that still needs lotsa work!!

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loubell08 Premium
I am 55+ and I also enjoy traveling. It very important to know someone who can help you with your planning. Please continue blogging and traveling.
sallylane50 Premium
Thankyou Loubell. I hope I can be of help to you and please feel free to email me of one of your favourite trips with photos so I can put it on my website
JeanL Premium
Well done, Sally!
GarySkoglind Premium
It's been a pleasure to meet you, and I agree that WA is a great place to be! Congrats on your first blog!...
RickSparkes Premium
Great blog Sally, keep them coming! :)
drsusie Premium
Congrats on posting your first WA Blog. You did a great job!