Hi there everyone! I thought I'd add this post to report my progress. I'm trying to hang in there and to stay positive but some days it's difficult.

I started my blog in January and have been adding posts since then. I try to post at least once a week. My goal is to post quality content for my readers. I recently added affiliate links including Amazon and Ebay. I added a Facebook page dedicated to my website. I sometimes pay Facebook to promote my posts which helps but it gets expensive after a while I also use Bing to promote my blog. My followers on Google+ and Twitter is low.

Since January, I've had 562 users view my website/blog with 3600 page views. Also, I have earned a whopping $1,36 from Amazon affiliates! I try to network and look at other blogs related to my niche which makes me discouraged. Their websites look very professional and include great posts. How do I compete with that?

Sometimes I feel like giving up because of a bad week or when I don't feel like writing. This community is great and very supportive. I'd like to stick to this because writing calms me but sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my time.

Do any of you ever feel discouraged or get the feeling that you're stuck or are in a rut? Also, do you have any suggestions or advice regarding increasing my audience and user base?

Thanks to you all!

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MargaretS1 Premium
I do get discouraged. I am not as far along as you. I am still trying to create content for my website. The encouragement I get from this community helps me to keep going. Sorry I can't answer your question about audience and user base. I am not far enough long to have learned about traffic.
MKearns Premium
A good WA autobiography Waffa!
drcmaint Premium
Steady on mate.