Computer Phishing Scam - EVENTVWR

Last Update: September 30, 2013

I had the same call this morning that I received a few days ago trying to SCAM/PHISH me again. "We are getting errors from your computer". The offshore caller said he worked for Windows(but, not Microsoft) and, once again, wanted me to type in EVENTVWR into the Windows administrator box. As we soon leaving, I didn't have time to play him like I did last time.

So, I asked him how he got my number. We are Windows so we have all that. I said I did not register my Windows with this home number so, again, how did he know my number. He realized I had him and his voice went up several octaves and he babbled incoherently. GOODBYE!

You can find references to this particular scam all over the internet.

I detest thieves/phishers, scammers and spammers.

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tommydillard Premium
I agree also
jespinola Premium
I am agree with you!
Shawn Martin Premium
Ditto to your last sentence.
DarleneJones Premium
They numbers they get or randomly computer generated.