Angst & Reinvention

Last Update: May 30, 2010

What a day!

I went to my website...and found it gone!

Within seconds, like a tiger who had just found it's favorite cub missing, I was in a blur of action.  After getting in touch with my hosting account, it turned out that my domain had expired.  I was worried that some plugins that I had installed yesterday had killed my blog.  This was doable.  So I renewed my domain.  Hours later, I checked.  Now an old sales page came up, replacing my blog.  Fingers flying, I logged into my c-panel--and my blog files were still there.  Got in touch with technical support again, who then renamed my index file and got it up and running.  My blog was back.

So what's the lesson?

1.  When bad things happen, take action, look for solutions.  Convert volatile emotions into constructive actions.

2.  Also, you really appreciate something when you think it's gone.

Flustered by this rough experience, I went to the gym and pounded out the weights and ran on the treadmill like there was no tomorrow. 

As I ran on the treadmill, I realized something.  I am never ever going to give up until I succeed.  I am going to work day and night to make my dream of financial independence a reality.  I don't care how tired and confused I am, how many mistakes I make, or how many wrong directions I take...I am going to find my way to a life I truly love. 

I am going to change my life beyond recognition.  In a year from now, I will look at it and not even recognize it. 

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