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November 29, 2017
I am off to google Plus to look at posts, leave comments and find new things. I start at the Share your Google Accounts thread and settle in. I have read a lovely article and am ready to leave a comment because, no one else has yet and, I am here.Then it hits me, she has DISQUS. It wants me to sign up, log in, it is to much trouble. She’s trying to prevent spam, her site must be huge, I’m moving on. I don’t want to be forced into jumping through all of those hoops to leave a
November 29, 2017
My favourite part of WA is looking at everyone’s sites and leaving comments. Everyone here is so talented and there is a good diversity in topics. It has become my main outlet for surfing. Here are my overall thoughts.People do so much work, writing excellent content, choosing eye grabbing pictures and posting to social media. I have a little constructive criticism that I offer to myself and all of you. We need to start proof reading our posts before we post. Are you missing words? Did yo
November 24, 2017
There has been a lot of excitement about the Black Friday Sale that we have all been waiting for. It is an amazing deal that I hope everyone takes advantage of. I am very thankful for WA and the support that we receive here.As we get busy building up our business and growing out our site we should take a moment and consider how many people are contributing to our success. We have members who take time away from their work to answer a question for a fellow member, there are people who write blo
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