Beware of the end of times phenomena

Last Update: Jan 5, 2022

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1. Many houses are getting bigger, but their families are getting smaller.

2. Medicine is getting more advanced, health is getting worse.

3. Travelling around the World, but not familiar with the closest neighbor.

4. Income increasing, peace of mind decreases.

5. Higher the knowledge, lower the emotion.

6. The number of humans is increasing, the sense of humanity is thinner.

7. The better the knowledge, the less the justice.

8. Fornication gets faster, loyalty gets extinct.

9. There are more friends in the virtual world, but there are no real friends.

10. More types of drinks, less clean water.

11. Wear expensive watches, but never on time.

12. Knowledge is spreading, manners and morals are disappearing.

13. Learning is getting easier, Teachers are getting less appreciated.

14. Technology is getting more advanced, slander and disgrace are getting more spread.

15. People with low knowledge talk a lot, people with high knowledge keep quiet.

Beware life is change has the new generation comes and take over they are busy don't have time for themself, parents, families and friends.

Recent Comments


Outstanding points, Sahida! A revelation need to be had about the current dilemma people face. We are causing our own extinction. Tha sad part is that we are aware of it.


A nice one, Sahida.
Thanks for sharing.


I understand from your perspective. Thank you for the reminder. Salam 👍

Great reminders, thanks, Sahida.

Hard things!
Thank you very much!

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