Affiliate marketing - does it really work? Here at Wealthy Affiliates it does.

Last Update: March 21, 2015

How many times do you see advertisements for making money online? Google ads, ads on website, affiliate marketing ads; we all know there are SO many scammer sites out there. You have to sift through the rubbish to find the gold. You have to ask: Affiliate Marketing - does it really work?

As a website and webpage designer I keep my ear out for programs and companies which might actually offer a legitimate way of making money online, because in the first world it's getting pretty hard to make a living building websites for micro businesses, which is my main source of income. Affiliate programs are one such way to make money online, and out of all the myriad of programs offering a slice of affiliate marketing I chose to join Wealthy Affiliate.


Not only did I join a terrific community who is happy to help me and me site get the Google rankings I need to be successful and draw customers from all over the world to click on my links to Amazon and other sites, Wealthy Affiliate also offers its own Affiliate Marketing program with very generous rewards. Two bites at the cherry.

While joining Wealthy Affiliate is free, I chose to upgrade to the Premium membership for added benefits.

Being a member gives me access to some terrific SEO and keyword generation tools. In fact, the training here is first class and extremely up to date, letting me know how Google is currently assessing sites and how the SEO area is changing. This is vital information for me not only for my affiliate marketing site that I'm hosting here but also for my full-time business in the web world.

So by being a member of WA, I'm doing the best for myself building a new business online, and also assisting my clients in the 'day job' by being able to offer them the latest advice on SEO.

Granted, I have yet to see a return on my WA-hosted website, but it's only been up two weeks. Traffic has been consistent, and I know that with the support of the WA community - as I am supporting others by commenting on their sites - my ranking will grow and so will my business.

Affiliate marketing - does it really work? Yes, if you do it right. With Wealthy Affiliates, you do. I have discovered people in the Wealthy Affiliate community who ARE making a living out of Affiliate Marketing. And isn't making a living what all of us want?

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HelenpDoyle Premium
Yes it works with the right backing.
bsmith1222 Premium
A little patience and a little time and you will do great!