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I'm honestly pretty torn between OEC and Affiliate Bootcamp training right now. I want to put all of my focus onto one, but would it be a bad idea to slowly do both at once?I'm just considering my options! But I'm curious if it would be hurtful to try and do both at the same time. It's just hard to choose! I know I can do both eventually, but would it be more beneficial if I did one first before the other?I know it's ultimately up to me, but I'm wondering what everyone thinks!Any thoughts are a
February 28, 2020
I'm Ranked 991! Woo!Just signing in to WA today I see that now I'm ranked 991! Progress is progress right? I never expected to be ranked this fast, it seems only a few weeks ago I was ranked 200,000 or something like that! I'm more and more excited everyday I sign in to Wealthy Affiliate. I look forward to reading and commenting on other WAmily member's posts, writing my own content, and just overall learning and engaging here at Wealthy Affiliate.I Take Everything Day By Day. Sometimes the kno
How Do I Even Begin?It has been a crazy month or so thus far! And I'm looking forward to it getting even more crazy :)I've been looking for a legitimate work from anywhere online opportunity, and I think WA really fits me well.Right now I'm on the last lesson of lesson 2 of the training for building my own niche website. I have picked Youth Soccer Jerseys because of my love for soccer, and also because my first job was a soccer referee. I loved watching the kids play soccer, and seeing smiles
February 15, 2020
My First Month PremiumWell,The ride continues!After almost a month of being here at WA, I just have to say I absolutely love it! All of the kind people in this community make for an amazing experience. The support here is unreal, and I had no idea coming into this platform that it would be THIS GOOD. I've already made some friends in my short time here :)I'm halfway through the trainings, although I could be further into it but I've been getting distracted with other things to do with my office
Well, I'm just sitting up at 1:15 AM here, writing some content for my website. It's something about nighttime that just seems to excite me. I've always stayed up very late, ever since I started developing my own schedule (I'd say after I graduated from high school ish). I've always been a night owl. That's what I preferred to do. I would rather stay up late, and be awake while the whole world slept, than to go to bed early, and wake up early. It's just something about late night that seems to
January 17, 2020
I am very excited to upgrade to a Premium member. WA has already shown me what its about, and I thank all the members for welcoming me with open arms. WA is a one of a kind platform, and I look forward to learning all I can from the training.I know that there is priceless amounts of information here at WA, I'm just READY to put my head down and get to work.The future is bright, and I know that WA is something very special. I'm committed to becoming successful here. I'm going to let my hard work
January 10, 2020
The road to success isn't an easy one, or everyone would be successful!Lets keep pushing everyday! Committed to learning the most here at WA:)
January 08, 2020
Time to get to work! Currently balancing my education here at Wealthy Affiliate because I work 2 jobs and dont have unlimited time to learn, but I've found it so interesting this far I continuously am itching to complete more and more lessons, this stuffs getting good :)
January 06, 2020
Just created my account setup, and am very excited to learn everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer :) SOOOO PUMPED