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I came across an excellent site for sample Terms & Conditions for your website.I created some Terms and Conditions using a Teamplate form Contractology There are plenty of other options out there but they allow you to modify it and use it for free as long as you leave in a 'credit' line - a small price to pay. You can pay $15 for a license and then remove the credit line.Hope this can help someone.Richard
Another huge milestone achieved today! The technical side of my website is now complete and now I can concentrate on building content. The past week has seen me grapple with a few major technical challenges but now they are done and I am sooooooo excited. I have:Added the Gravity Forms plugin and built a form that accepts information from users as they walk a track and then sends them the answers when they submit the form.Added the Search and Filter Plugin that enables users to select a spec
Wow - the last few days has seen me tick off a lot of stuff on my new site and I'm really excited :)I have my own GPS generated Google Maps in operation on my walking site and tested that you can actually show your location as you walk on the maps I have produced. This was a huge deal for me!Videos of the tracks have been edited and uploaded to Youtube and linked to my PostI've linked each Track to the appropriate geocaching pageI was accepted as an Affiliate for a local online store so I can
I have just built a new website over the past few weeks providing detailed information, GPS mapping etc of walks in our city. This has mostly been started because my father-in-law has made many bush walking tracks in our city over the past 46 years and I wanted to get these online for people to enjoy.Today - the councils for the two areas of the city where he has constructed the tracks hosted a morning tea to honour him for his work and present him with a special plaque. They have also said t
I have just commenced a new niche website celebrating the work of my father-in-law who has built bush walking tracks in our city for the past 30 years. As the city has expanded and developers have left significant patches of bush to be enjoyed he has followed through and designed and built walking tracks - quite amazing and something to leave as a legacy to our wonderful city, Auckland, New Zealand.This website has been a different challenge as I have tried to make it incredibly user friendly.
I've been doing a bit with Google Maps on my website over the past few days and it got me thinking about the ways it has changed my daily life!Remember the map book - no longer need one in the car!I plan my travel time to a location based on what Google Maps tells meI use Google Maps to find places I am not familiar withI trust it to re-direct me when there are traffic jams in our city - it gives me various options with time differences and saves me a lot of time and headache!I use it when I tr
I'm on another whole learning curve - integrating Google Maps into my website.This is not just static information of a location but getting GPS tracking from my sports watch downloaded and then importing via .gpx files into a Google Map. Yesterday I managed to get step one completed - I have a map on my website with the walking track I walked on Wednesday!I now have a couple more action steps to complete:1. Review some more of the WP Plug-ins that work with Google Maps - so far they seem too l
May 11, 2016
Well - I've been waiting for this time - more time!My youngest girl has finally started some full days at pre-school last week and this now gives me 6 hours, 3x per week of my own time. I am very excited about being able to get stuck into websites and increase the quality of the sites and the amount of blogs I am producing.I have so wanted to do this since being here at WA but just have not had the hours with 4 young ones and a wife who is a surgeon and needs my support so she can be at her be
I read an online article in our main newspaper today of a 25 year old lady making over $100,000 a year from her online travel blogs. Its an interesting read and reminds us all of what is posisble.
November 27, 2015
Well - it finally arrived and have gone yearly with the Black Friday deal! As a committed WA member, this will save me money - giving me a better return on my internet business.Thanks Kyle & Carson