Chariot of God's Love

Last Update: November 09, 2016

Ok, Blogging time.

What a day!, We inventoried the toys we have so far and with the stuffed animals we got 320 so far. YEA!

All the prom dresses got put away until Prom time comes around again, we have 198 left.

We have received more donations for the Thanksgiving Dinner and 2 more places are allowing us to put a Toys for Tots box out to gather toys.

Now onto Internet Business...

Chariot of God's Love is my newest website. I have a long way to go before it is worth something but i am going to use it for marketing and prayerfully making money. I didn't do a good job on so I'm trying this slower and surer.

If you have suggestions I'm willing to listen. I just wish I could go back to drop and drag. It was so easy even though it didn't look as good.

i am going to try to do this a little every evening. I have to learn how to put all the necessary plugs in. I want people to be able to comment on my page and buy from it as well. So...Back to boot camp.

Be blessed and get wealthy, Ruth

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