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July 12, 2019
Hi, my family, well I have compleded most of my asignments for month 2 I did all my post, but I only spent a couple of minutes on live chat and this is my first blog post to the WA community for month. But I do hope to do better this time around. Along with SAC I have been trying to complete my WA Bootcamp I have now reached making videos, and after watching some of the family videos I am not sure I can do it. They are incredible, so well done, I am scared.But I do have some good news, for the
Hello All, a little update on my progresss so far, to date. I have done 3 post, did my banners, found some keywords (not 30) add imagery to my contents, join in the discussion set my writing goals. I find myself a little on the sluggish side and this needs to change, I just cant seem to concentrate.But I had a surprise from WA, my network went up to 1000, thanks for all those who became a part of mynetwork this means a lot to me, My rank also went to top 200 which was a nice surprise for me, st
Well the first round of the SAC is over, I have completed almost everything, I have not been on live chat. maybe next round, I will be able to go on live chat but I think the most important things were accomplished.I did 14 post, I never thought that I would be able to do it but I surprise myself, this nexxt round I hope I will amaze myself again.I am so happy to see all the amazing report that everybody is posting it is just great to see so many of us doing well.Wishing you all success,
Hello, Does anyone know what is happening at facebook,? I usually advertize my affiliate links on facebook and was getting up to 80 clicks and the past couple of days 5/4/2019 my clickw rates has droped drastically I amm now getting 8-4 clicks per day I am trying to get answers but so far I have not been able to get answer from Facebook. Has anybody having this problem?
Hello, I would like give all my family members a little update on me so far, well I have just celebrated my ione year anneversary last month with Wealthy Affiliate, I must say I have enjoyed the year I have learned a lot and it has been a joy communicating with all my awesome family membersI also made my first commission in March it was not a lot of money $18.00 to be exact but I was very grateful for it, as it showed me that making money on line can be achieved so that was very exciting, I am
I am so happy I have so looked forward for this event and it finally happened I thought I was doing something wrong why nothing seemed to be happenening.Hopefully this is the start of my online business really growing Thank you my awesome WA family for the uplifting ane encouraging post and all those who write post that give tips and insdights it is just great to be apart of this family
July 21, 2018
Well Thanks again to my family here at WA I HAVE COMPLEATED MY TRAINING. now for the hard part, stare earning. I could not have reached this part of the journey without you all. I would like to thank all of you who took the time to make training videos all who ask questions and all who took the time to answer those questions. I have found the answer to all of my questions through this feed so again thank you. In the comming weeks I will be looking over my site and looking to see What improveme
Well I became a Whealthy Affiliate family member in April 2018 and I am not regretting a single moment. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed or a bit confused as to how to do a special task or project but so far I have always found the answer going through the feed because there is always someone with the answer. And there is always a training video made by a WA family member to help, I have not made any sort of monetary value as yet but I have gained a wealth of experience. The emphasis at Weal
Just finished level 3 so thankful for all the help from my WA family could not have done it without you. For all those who took the time to make helpful training videos and the ones who made helpful comments on my post pointing out my mistakes I am ever so thankful. Well level 4 here I come.
May 12, 2018
I am done with level 2, did not think I would ever finish. Now on to level 3 . The beauty of this is I can go back and refresh my memory ( witch needs a lot of refreshing) as the lessons are still available I just love wealthy affiliate.