Last Update: July 24, 2015

I find myself spending a lot of time on Quora talking to people about the secrets of the universe and other mundane questions. The result is I am beginning to realize that people are not a result of what they are but what is around them. Its not that the questions are not relevant but they don't always ask the right ones. We spend a great deal of time on the internet at twitter, facebook and quora and pretend to be something we are not. This results in our diminished capacity to achieve results in the real world. We become what we are not, hiding behind our avatars. We look for solutions from people that are neither qualified not have the understanding of the true answer to our problem.

Sometimes we have a mob mentality. Like a flock of birds that fly in complete unison, or a school of fish. We wait for the next fad or a new diet that has never been tried. Maybe we should have a completely virtual world.

I'm sorry to be ranting so much but there is a purpose to this. I want you to pay close attention to what I'm about to say. Quora. I have been there for less then two weeks and I have generated this many views. This does not mean I was successful there. What it does mean is people are seeing my content so it is helping my visibility. I have yet to see any positive results yet but I think if I have this many people looking at me it can't be bad. Think about it. This is from spending about half an hour a day there.

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SamiWilliams Premium
Thanks for the information- I do agree with some of the "rants" I do think that our people skills suffer with the technology we use.
nbethany Premium
I've never heard of quora. I will have to check that out. That is a good amount of views.
mijareze Premium
Wow that's pretty good!
Good luck,
BillLuhrs Premium
Glory be to the enlightened, or so they say.
As I told my childen while they grew up and as I will tell my grandchildren.
I have all the answers you just need to ask the right questions.
Look at some NLP training and you will start to get an incite as to how we function.
LLiu Premium
I in joyed reading your blog...