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Last Update: Jan 31, 2022

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Hello to All my Wealthy Affiliate Family,

This is just a quick update on the two goals I have pinned when I submitted my 4th-month progress report last Jan.14, 2022

About my 3-month Goal

I have set three months to achieve three qualifying sales as Amazon Associate. I have shared my joy and I posted a blog update when I got my first sale last Jan.22.

And what a pleasant surprise again when I logged in today to my amazon account. I found that I made a third sale last Jan.29.

What an amazing feeling to find out that I made it this far even without bothering to check my amazon account every day if I made any sale or how many clicks did I get.

I'm now certain that it won't be my last sale.

On to my 6-month Goal

I have set 6 months to build my second website. This week I have decided to build it just in time when the Year of the Tiger is about to happen.

So far I'm in the initial stages following Jay's 14day training. I have already built my website. Created Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosure, posted About me page, completed set up of tracking and social media accounts.

Well, I think I'm right on target and just happy to share this progress.

From here, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody in Wealthy Affiliate a SUCCESSFUL and PROSPEROUS Year of the Tiger.

To Our Success!


Recent Comments


Awesome Rowe! Command your dreams!

Thanks a lot Canty, appreciate the encouragement.

Wowww, superb, Rowe.
Definitely, hard work pays off.
Gong Xi Fa Cai.


Thank you very much Joe. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

I'm really happy for you Rowe. I wish you the best for this year.

Thanks Raul and all the best.

Amazing progress, Rowe. Congratulations.
Keep going.

Thank you Muslimah.

Congratulations! With your start, I think it's a pretty good bet that the Year of the Tiger will be awesome for you. I think I need to learn about being an Amazon Associate. Those charts look great! You will do it!

Thank you, Michael and I wish you success.

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