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Last Update: June 22, 2015

I wrote my former blog post... wow, can that be true?? SIX YEARS ago!! The first thing I react to is that I considered my website to be not successful since it had been up for a month and no sale yet. A month? But honey, that's nothing! Just work ahead! I did actually make a sale later on, but the second one took so long, and I... I DID QUIT! That's the one thing you can NOT do if you want to succeed.

So, this time, I will never ever quit, and I will learn and work and learn again and work some more. And I will make it! My goal? Having a descent income from my online business, and be the master of how I spend my days.

We can do this togehter, let's be there for each other and help and support one another. But not so much that we don't have time to work for ourselves as well!

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Ndstad81 Premium
Exactly, it was the turtle that won the race, not the hare
Rosenbo Premium
BHansen41 Premium
Hi...only been here a week, but I can tell you the support here is excellent. Never quit...and if you ever have those feelings...come to the chat and let myself and the people here at WA help you out.
Rosenbo Premium
Hi, that's what so wonderful about this community, isn't it? We can support and strengthen each other when we feel low and hesitant, as well as contributing to each other's learning!