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At school we learned about Millions and Millionaires. Then as time went on we heard that had moved up to be Billions and Billionaires. Many years later with the advent of space travel and computers it went from Kilobytes to Megabytes then Gigabytes and Terabytes - so "What is the largest number that is in use today?"
I started online with "dialup" and it took a while to get a connection. Went to Broadband and it was a little quicker (for a while). Moved up to Broadband 2+ here in Australia and did not believe it needed to improve beyond that. The Government however has been trying to sell itself on a high Speed" system - which I thought was a waste of money - 100's of billions of AUS$ ........until now. I can now see what is happening and why it's necessary to speed things up, as I have just returned from a
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