Its alive and works.

Last Update: November 22, 2015

A great big thanks and hello to everyone.

I have been here for a several months reading and learning. In an effort to get my feet wet while decided on a niche for to build my empire around. I created a site similar to the football snack helmets site. I did not build a site to promote snack helmet and steal all of Jay’s money but focused it on a small kitchen appliance with NFL logos on them. The site layout was built similar to his though.

I have not made money at this point but what I can say is the training works and I have watched my pages (various keywords) slowly move up the search engine rankings. Initially most of my pages didn’t register. Then they made it to page5. Over the last 2 months they have been moving on up from 5. Now they are mainly on page 2 with a couple hitting the 1st pages.

The site wasn’t built to make much money with but more to be used as a learning tool and trail run.

I am happy to share that I am seeing the fruits of the labour. The training is working and I am seeing the results I only read about from others..

So, a big thanks to every one for their help and training so far.

I really want to give thanks to those members who go above and beyond and provide additional training. The blog training from members smooths out the learning gaps.


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roamy Premium
Glad to read you are moving up, keep working add more content and im sure things will be fine.
RocketRobin Premium
Hello Roamy,
thanks for your words of encouragement..
I checked out your travel site...
Looking good..
Upwards and On wards!