Last Update: May 30, 2016

Hi all.

I am really trying to build a business through WA. I can see the merit of using the tool and the advantage of utilising the combined skills of the WA community. I have been trying to develop my own website to the point where it is attracting traffic that I can monetize without reverting to building a website around WA.

I have been going for almost 12 months and while I am enjoying the experience, I am wondering if 30 to 40 hits a day can be deemed successful? No monetary rewards yet but they will come with time, work and perseverance.

I'd really appreciate it if someone would look at my website and give me a few pointers please

Thanks in advance. Robert.

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Jessicajone Premium
Hey, I just looked over your website really quick, and the first thing that really spoke to me was your theme. I understand what you are going for with the green in the background (being it is golf and all) but even as a young person its a bit hard to look at and distracting. I think since you are trying to hit an older (probably richer) market, I think you need to have a theme that is a bit more classy. Something that says golf club exclusive. Another thing is you have lots of content, but not many pictures. Pictures really appeal to people, kids and old people alike. Lastly, I think your advertisements are too big, when I was looking it was only taking up half the space you gave it.

I only say this to try to help you out, not offend you because I can tell you have worked really hard, and hopefully, grow your website.
RobertC44 Premium
Thanks for your comments Jessica. I will make some changes and would appreciate your comments. I will let you know when.
Welcome to the WA club by the way. You will love it.
Love your travel theme, reminds me of the days we spent in Saudi Arabia (2 years) and the UK (3 years) 2000 - 2006. Had a good look around the Middle East and Europe. Plan to go again if all goes well with the websites. Robert.