Dawning of a new day

Last Update: September 14, 2014

Quotes by Walter Russell:

- The beauty of a piece of music is not in its technique but in the Soul of its creator; nor is it in the sound vibrations of the piece but in the silence of the Light from which the sound springs.

- If you want it and believe you can have it, you will.

- Mediocrity is self inflicted, genius is self bestowed.

- I am a patient God. All men will come to Me in due time, but the agony of awaiting that day shall be theirs alone. And that day shall not come until man himself shall cleanse himself from his own unbalanced thinking.

- Man must begin to the unitary principle of man – knowing that there are not separate men or separate individuals, but that the whole man idea is one. He must know that all mankind is connected with every other part of mankind, all geared together by the one omnipresent Light of God which centers all as ONE and motivates all as ONE. Until man knows that separation from God is impossible, even for one second, he does not begin to have knowledge.

- We must learn that the electric Universe of motion is divided into wave cycles which are equally divided into opposite expressions.

- The great lesson to learn of life is the need of giving out from the abundance of one's self in order to be ever abundant within one's self.

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Debbi26 Premium Plus
Words of wisdom. You won't be given a dream if you haven't also been given the means to make it come true. ~Debbi
hildacbg Premium
I really enjoyed reading this post Robert. It is full of great wisdom. Thanks!