Going Against the Flow

Last Update: April 07, 2020

It's the Pandemic Crisis of Covid-19 and almost everyone I know is doing it very tough. But I'm having a great time, despite the worries. Why?

Things I'm Doing Differently:

  • Experiencing financial growth
  • Managing a full work day from home, every day
  • Buying only what I need for a few days at a time
  • Hiring new staff, not firing staff
  • Enjoying myself with activities I was ALREADY doing
  • Giving away thousands in free advertising (see my post about it)

It's basically business as usual for me, but with an added layer of caution.

How is This Possible?

Easy to answer. I already have a bunch of things I like to do at home, and I was already working from home for several years. Thanks to the work I had put into my online business over time, it turns out I was digitally future-proof against this particular situation.

Don't worry if you are only new here, just know that I can assure you hard work and persistence pays off in the long run. There were times I had troule even paying my WA membership a few years back, but I kept at it and I'm (thankfully) fine, at least for now.

Icing on the Cake

The best part about my situation is, being digital, my business is actually growing, to the point I am able to help my clients, partners and industry to stay afloat as well (read: I just gave away $5,000...)

My thoughts and prayers are with those less fortunate. If you are new here, or you've been here a while but are not yet making a full-time income, rest assured you are in the right place to secure your future.


R Kingsley

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CarlaNavarro Premium
Much success to you
RKingsley Premium
And to you!
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
Very nice. I too work entirely from home but am no longer successful due to a nervous breakdown and a slow climb from a dark pit of mental illness. Still, I will reach your level one day soon and until then keep a guy in your loop when you give away more free advertising lol. Great job.
RKingsley Premium
I'm finding this crisis to be an excellent time to speed up that climb. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King
Mark1957 Premium
Good message, hopefully to inspire others that an online digital business is the way forward.
RKingsley Premium
That's what I'm hoping! Staying at home doesn't have to be so bad