Inspirational Quotes from Work

Last Update: November 16, 2018

So interestingly enough, my employer places inspirational quotes up all over the place at work in order to motivate its employees to be more productive. In all honesty, I work for a great company that has an awesome product that changes the lives of people for the better, and my employer takes great care of its employees. It truly is a very nice place to work. The funny thing is though, once you have a paradigm shift and realize that you can be a creator of your own destiny and make something that is yours, instead of working for someone else's destiny, these quotes have become fuel for me to move in my own direction. One of the quotes that I have recently seen is from Leonardo de Vinci, and it is great, "I have been impressed with the urgencyof doing. Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Being willing is notenough, we must do." I will continue to give my 100% to my employer until I have replaced my income with affiliate marketing, but I am also committed 100% to making my new found passion of creating the life that I want. It truly is a beautiful thing when you find your passion and take steps on a daily basis to make it a reality. Here's to your own continued success in your creation. May you all be blessed.

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Lydianabwami Premium
Very inspirational, thanks for sharing
ContentBySue Premium
Excellent quote! Thank you so much for sharing Ryan. I think it's great you have the privilege of working for such an amazing company.

I wish you all the best,