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Hello, all;I'm back from a break. Long story short, I put the pause button on WA and pursued e-commerce and failed miserably. I am frustrated by the lack of support in e-commerce that you don't have to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for, and I'm back here with a healthy respect for WA and now I truly believe in its potential.My dilemma?I have NO idea what I want to start a blog about. I have many interests but I'm not passionate about any of them. I'm rather apathetic, actually. Is there
Today I did something scary. I'm not only broke, but in debt; my part-time job isn't even allowing me to break even on my bills. I know starting a business comes with expenses, and I was sick of using "it's not the right time" as my excuse to limit myself to the free version of Wealthy Affiliate. I'm certainly not in a place to spend money where I shouldn't - however, I realize that a premium membership is going to supercharge my motivation to make it work. I decided to put my money where my mo