Are You Dragging Your Feet?

Last Update: August 13, 2019

WARNING! If you are sleeping on the job, you will STILL make money! What? I wasn't expecting that lol. So, what's the warning about you ask? The warning is that if you sleep too much, then you won't make as much!

The great news is that by following the training and ACTIONING every task asked of you in the training, you will asbolutely end up with a beautiful PROFIT earning web site, and the earning will continue for some time.

However, if you think that you have made it after earning a few commissions, and you are ready to relax and sit back a bit, the likelyhood is that things will SLOW down when it should be ramping up.

If you are so relaxed that you stop providing content, then the earnings will definately slowdown. I know because this happened to me because I FOOLISHLY believed I had done enough, besides, content writing wasn't my thang.

Reality Check!!! CONTENT is KING! So make it your thang!

There is no two ways about it! Unless you are providing relavent engaging content regularly, your earnings will grind to a hault! No matter what your niche is, content matters!

The training is ALWAYS reiterating this and there is a good reason for it obviously. So, I have learned my lesson and now there is nothing stopping me.

Get excited about creating content and just keep doing it. Believe me, you will get better at it and you will become better at with time. You become more of an authority and therefore more trusted among your readers.

You know you are improving when the creating becomes more fluent. Your engagement with your readers is more fluent, responding to site comments becomes more fluent, site visits increase, profit increases.

So hang in there my friends! Remember what you want from this and why you are here in Wealthy Affiliate. You want to change something in your life so, POWER on and KEEP the content flowing! YOU won't regret it!

Here's to you and your success!

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RYAJeremy Premium
Thanks Rina, this is only just clicked with me, I need content, content, content. I kept getting sidetracked with other rubbish. But I have my passion already set up in my niche that I like researching and writing about. So it will be better to set Goals of getting content done.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
That is well said, Rina, we can rest on our laurels, when we should be working, building consistently is definitely the way to create those life-changing outcomes.