Awin rejected my application of publisher!

Last Update: May 30, 2020

Hello everyone, it's me again.

I got a notification, written that Awin rejected my application of publisher.

I'm wondering why. I tried to ask by email, and here is the reply :

I'm wondering if anyone had this before?

And what standards for Awin carry?

Let me know your thoughts.

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JeannineC Premium
Thanks for re-applying. Glad to say you are approved into Awin now.
rikovsky Premium
Thank you Jeannine with your post and link!
CandP Premium
Hi Ling. It's not at all uncommon for affiliate applications to be denied. Some affiliate programs are pickier than others but most do some kind of check on your website and some want to see certain minimum levels of weekly/monthly traffic to your site.
You really need to have 20-30 posts on your website before applying at all. After all, if you have little content you will have little, if any traffic, and without traffic, you won't be making any sales anyway.
If you already have 20 or posts then I would suggest trying with another Affiliate Company now (Clickbank is a good one) and then reapplying to Awin at a later date. Whatever you do, don't take this rejection personally. We have been turned down for two or three programs, although we are currently signed up with 12.
Hope this helps.
rikovsky Premium
Yup so I would not take this personally. I will apply for later time when I will have more contents on it.
Thank you for your suggestions!