What's the "High Point" of Your Post?

Last Update: December 09, 2014

Hi. Just wanted to share a tidbit with everyone, something that I've been working on. In writing, everything must have a purpose and be leading the reader somewhere. That somewhere is the "high point" of your scene...what you're building up to and what you want to leave the reader remembering.

I think the same applies to posts on our websites. Many might refer to this as the "Call to Action" but I think it also includes the "climax", if you will, of what you're trying to say. Here's some questions I always ask myself:

  • What's the purpose of the post?
  • What do I want my visitor to remember when they're done reading?
  • What is that one line that either makes them take action or have an "ah ha" moment?
  • What is the reason for each paragraph? If it doesn't have a point, then get rid of it.
  • What are you building up to?
  • ...and have you delivered?

Many times I catch myself adding "fluff" that's not needed; whether it's to increase my word count, sound intelligent, or if I don't really know what my post is about and I'm just wandering my way through it. If it doesn't help with the purpose of the post then cut it.

My recommendations

  • Create an outline with at least 3 major points
  • Each point builds on the one before
  • Say that one thing that you want your reader to remember - the "High Point" of your post.
  • I always write "HP" on a notepad and then put a simple sentence of what my high point must be, and that includes the HP for the post and the HP for each paragraph.

Knowing what my High Points are helps me stay (I love this phrase)..."laser-focused". Hope this helps you with your writing.

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prteam Premium
Great reminder! Thanks for re-grounding me.
Rick Jantz Premium
Hi. Glad it helped. I think sometimes we try to say too much instead of focusing on only what needs to be said...and shown.
dhayman Premium
Great focus points. Saving this for my own writing.
Rick Jantz Premium
It works. Each HP in a paragraph must naturally lead to the HP of the post. I'd also add, don't take on too much in the post, know what you want to say and how you're going to say it.
rufat Premium
Great points. Thank you
Rick Jantz Premium
It's working for me. I did it for my last book and helped me stay focused on what was important, what I wanted my readers to remember.
Michelle04 Premium
Creating an outline is a great idea when putting a post together. I like the way you have high points to keep a focus. Thanks for sharing your technique!
Rick Jantz Premium
I had moved away from doing outlines on my website and I knew that my posts kind of wandered around. Using high points has helped me focus on what I want to say and what I want the readers to pay attention to.
Larry MaC Premium
Good points and lots to do. Do you teach writing?
Rick Jantz Premium
Hi. No but I'm a writer, just getting back into it. This is something I learned from one of the books I've read and it really helped me focus on my scenes.