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In recent times, Google, other search engines, and the SEO world have increased their attention and narrative on the subject of page load speed in order to improve website user's experience. Apparently, WordPress has been losing its lead in this area.It might not seem like it to the new user, but the block editor is one way in which WP is improving its performance.One of the areas that impact page load speed is the design of plugins. Apparently, in general, blocks create more efficient code tha
Contrary to popular belief - I'm still here - in the middle of moving house. So apologies to anyone concerned about my sporadic communications recently.Contrary to the header image, nothing is impossible!Here are a few thoughts on the subject of being and becoming more aware. Some might find these thoughts patronising. I understand that. If that's you, please forgive me.Everything we ever decide we want to achieve is at first dependant on us becoming aware! As has been said many times, we don't
I'm not in the habit of writing WA posts very regularly, nor often and I have no intention of doing that, but today I was inspired to write a second post triggered by a comment someone made about having trouble sleeping.I've often read posts from people in the WA community that suggest that the writer has trouble sleeping. If this is not you, you might not get much out of this post, unless you want to help someone else.I have no trouble sleeping.My wife has observed that I can sleep almost anyw
Trust The BotsIn the Search Engine Journal (SEJ), which is a regular newsletter that highlights anything to do with Search Engines, I've just read a post, the content of which is worth sharing.Google's John Mueller was effectively asked if the "sandbox effect" is real. I had no idea what the "sandbox effect" is so I read the article.Someone moving a large site to a new URL asked what Google would do if they add re-directs from the old URLs to the new in batches over a period of time (they had a
October 13, 2021
Recently I was innocently asked by a friend, who's a plumber by day and a drummer at weekends, what on earth the word rendering has to do with websites.He understands rendering a wall (in his words, covering the wall with plaster or something) and rendering a piece of music (playing it).Rather than glibly explaining what I thought (simply displaying a website on a screen), I did a little research first in case...I'm glad I checked.It turns out that on the internet the word, rendering, refers to
October 09, 2021
This is a very quick post, of only 278 words about a potentially useful plugin for your WordPress site. It'll take you just a couple of minutes to read!Over time, I've seen many people asking about how to reduce spam from comments and contact forms. The thing is that we can't stop humans from wasting their "oh so valuable" time to create spam. But about 90% of spam comes from auto bots, in my case through my contact form. A few days ago I got around to looking for a solution and found "WP Armou
A Question From A GSC UserJohn Mueller (Google spokesman) was asked by a Google Search Console (GSC) user recently:“... we’re seeing a slow decline in mobile-friendly pages in the mobile usability report in Search Console. We’re also seeing …a decline in pages that are in the Core Web Vitals report, and also other enhancements like review snippets and all of this type of stuff. Over the span of maybe a month or a month and a half there’s about a thousand pages. I
On Becoming A WriterIf you are a new member at Wealthy Affiliate, you will quickly realise that building a business the Wealthy Affiliate way, if you do all the work yourself, will help you develop many new skills (unless you have them already of course). I've needed to ask a few questions on a number of subjects, but for me, the biggest learning curve has been on the road to becoming a professional writer.I know that you probably came here to create a new business or to develop an existing bus
SEO Scams - Really!!I apologise in advance for a post with shades of negativity although written with positive intentions!Scams, as you know already, exist all over the internet (and off it). The world of SEO has its fair share. If you own a website you might already have experienced one or more of the following SEO based scams!So, here are perhaps the top 8 SEO scams outlined so you can recognise them.1. Link Building or Guest Posting Ideas for Digital Authority!As you probably know, if you ge
What Is Notion?Back in November 2020, I wrote a post about using software to efficiently manage the process of writing. Several people asked for more... it's been a long time coming and I hope still useful.I know many other members have their own tried, tested and trusted methods that work well for them so this is far from the only solution. I had specific challenges that I outlined in my previous post which you can see here.If you've read my previous post, you'll know that I'd been using sever