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Last Update: October 22, 2009

Hey WA people!

My current site is down for a move - sorry about that!  It will be back up shortly.

However, I wanted to spill the beans on another site I have going up.  The site will be an information hub for all things internet marketing.  Yes, I know there are many, but I hope to be adding features that many of these sites are lacking to draw a crowd.

Resources, reviews, tools, advice, coaching, writing, article submissions, forums, blogging, whatever-the-heck we can come up with... and best of all it will all be FREE!

I might be looking for moderators for the forums and article submissions in the near future.  The work would be non-paid, but hey, at least your name will get out there and it's free advertising for you or your website.  

I will drop a link to it soon - stay informed!

- John 

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timeandmoney Premium
Sounds Great! Keep us posted.
~ Phyllis
Revelation Premium
Hey amazing1!

Thanks for the feedback. I hear you about work and school. I did school and work both full time for years. Glad it's over ahahha!

Yeah I am kicking around a few ideas for how to implement the site and integrate it into WordPress. I hope to get something live before the end of next week, but it just depends on how much fun I have coding :/

Networking is key and I welcome your backlinks and visa versa. We can always help each other out. I will PM you when I get a little more time to work on this backburner site. I bought the domain so I just need to find a few extra hours.

To us! :D
amazing1 Premium
I have been following your meteroric rise in the rankings here at WA. You sure don't play around. If it were not for the time I have to spend in school and doing homework, I would be able to be more active in creating my website. I have more than one product to promote, and I have been working on upsale type products as I am following your lead and being active. As your "buddy" I want to let's keep in touch. I am pretty adept at writing so please consider me as one of those unpaid moderators. Brian.