Dear Mr. Spider - An Article Marketing Story

Last Update: October 27, 2009

I wanted to share a story that popped into my head tonight while walking my dog.

Every night, my dog (Dart) and I stay up late writing articles and reading online.  And every night, we go out for walks so he can pee and so I can stretch my legs from sitting all day.  We enjoy it and make the normal rounds each night so he can pee on his favorite bushes and mark his territory. 

We walk the same way each time and he knows the route well.  Part of our walk leads up to a small gate that we have to go through to get back to our house.  The gate opening is only about 2 feet wide and about 6 feet high.  It's a tight squeeze. 

This gate is the home for a little spider.  This little spider puts up his web every night in the hopes of catching food.  The only problem is, each night I walk through there and I knock down his little web that runs across from one side of the gate to the other... and each night he rebuilds it, in the hopes of catching food.

This got me thinking...

See the spider knows that every night some big piece of food is going through his web.  He thinks that he is doing something great by placing his web so high in the air and hopes one day his web will land him a big meal!  Only problem is, I am a little to big to catch. :P

Then I thought more...

Some of us in the internet marketing world place our webs too high and too far out to catch food.  Instead, we should be looking at placing webs down lower to the ground where prey more our size is at.  Only then could we grow big and strong enough to catch those big fish!

Moral of the story: Start where you are (spend time learning). Build on your base(gain knowledge and experience in trial and error). Grow (action)and learn(repeat action and wisdom)... and some day... some day, we will all have a chance at the big fish(big money baby)! (or in his case dragonflies)!

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Hey Donald, like you I started off this whole journey while I was in college looking to generate some extra income on the side. With a little hard work and dedication I was able to create success and it lead to me being able to go full time online by the time I graduated.

You have a bright future ahead of you and if you ever need a hand with anything, simply Reply to this and I will help you out. ;)

PS. I hope you have an awesome week ahead!
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Perseverance through trial and error. You can't stay a beginner forever.
Message received.