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June 16, 2016
June 11th made one year that I have been with this wonderful community, and I didn't even realize it until a few days ago. I was asking for comments on my site and posting new material on it when I happened to look up at the top of my profile and saw it. "Joined June 11, 2015" I have been so busy these past few days studying, reading and writing (not WA related) that I just got lost in all the things that I had to do. My site is lacking, but I will get back on top of things real soon. This is a
May 10, 2016
I've noticed that it is a lot easier to write about something that you love and understand. When you love and understand something, it's in your heart and should you ever decide to write or talk about it, the words will flow out effortlessly, and this has not only to do with your niche, but with everything that you've ever dealt with, been through, or experienced. I wrote a post today about Memorial Day called "Remember to Remember" and as I wrote, I got in touch with my inner self and recalled
I am so excited to day because after one month of setting stuff up, I looked into my mailmunch list and found that I have one subscriber. I was so excited that I didn't know what to do. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but to me it is a great deaal because I didn't think I was doing anything right to get ANY subscribers. So HOORAY for me! Now I have to figure out if I need an autoresponder with it. I'm not sure, but I think I heard someone say that you need at least 500 subscribers bef
I'm doing some work on my second website, This is my Fashion site and I'm very excited about it because it will contain all of my creations, old, new, and latest. But this scared me something awful for three reasons. I've never done this before, I don't know how to really advertise, and I don't know if I'm doing any of this correctly. I've been talking with some of my fellow WA members and they make it seem so easy by saying, "if you have something to sell, open up an online s
March 11, 2016
As I was working on my site, among others things concerning it, I began to wonder about some things. I was commenting on some blogs, and I always look to see how long that person has been here. You know, if it was longer than me, how much longer, or even if they have been here not as long as me. Then I thought, "How long have "I've" been here now? I counted up the months, and WOW, today marks my ninth month here at Wealthy Affiliate! I was having lots of fun learning and exploring this wonderfu
February 22, 2016
I've been a member of this wonderful community for eight months now and I have to say that it's never been a dull moment. All the learning, listening, adding links, adding content, interacting with the community, joining class discussions, adding content :), and more of the same is very OMG at times. I'm getting a little behind on my content because of the (must do) things from day to day. Sometimes it goes real easy, but sometimes it gets out of hand because I can't put a time limit on a lot o
January 14, 2016
I really do like everything that is involved in the battle to the top, but I'm having a whole lot of trouble trying to figure out how it all ties together. I mean, it may be just me, but this is where I'm at right now. I know that all of this comes together in some kind of way, but HOW? I'm talking about our websites, social media, Google analytics, comments, ranking, affiliate programs, SEO, the whole kitten caboodle, and it makes me Àaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggg!!!!!! I'm really racking my
January 08, 2016
Hi all, I'm writing this blog to express how excited I am to have been here for almost seven months. Well, actually in three days it will be seven months, but all the same to me. I have learned so much in this amount of time that I cannot believe it. I keep thinking back to my first month here, how I kept hoping that I could be one of those who were here for six and seven months, built amazingly profitable websites, and one of those who have learned to do so many awesome things like create tra
December 27, 2015
Early in this month I created a new website about Fashion, and was so very excited about it as this is my most passionate niche. After a while, I began to experience all the headaches I had with my first website. One of them being "how to get my website verified in google", (my biggest headache). That was so hard for me to do. So I engaged in live chat and for a while it was like a game of monkey see, monkey do. I would read someone's suggestion, then go see if it worked. NOPE! So back I go fo
I was sitting here at home one day thinking about my fifteen year old daughter. She's very obsessed about her height of 4'9 and 3/4. She says that everyone at school seems to just look right over her, and that they constantly push and shove her as she tries to makes it to each one of her classes. She wishes all the time that she was about 5'2", and then she won't have that problem.Then when we go shopping for her clothes and shoes, she tries to pick out clothes that she thinks will make her mor