Are there themes for slow internet?

Last Update: March 05, 2013
I'm getting really frustrated working on my websites.
They are very slow to load and edit pages often don't load properly. The toolbar doesn't load often or if I am typing certain functions freeze often.
It's really holding me up.
I suspect its my slow internet connection as I'm on satellite and in a difficult reception area.
I'm using Pagelines free theme at the moment and have tried Weaver2 as well.
Does anyone know of a free theme that might load better in a poor signal area?
I don't need lots of fancy functions, they are basic sites.
Cheers, John
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Renewal Premium
Thanks Pete. Who knew something like this would exist! I'll check it out, it sounds good.
Pete N Premium
Go to and look at the software they have. It allows you to work on your site on your desktop and upload it to the internet when you are done. They have a free version and a paid version. Some people I know use the paid version and they say it is very good. They work on their site off line and when done just upload it and they are done. Hope this helps.
Having the same problem here. Thought is was because of the horrible weather we are having. On a wireless hotspot here.
tommydillard Premium
Call your carrier and see if they have a signal booster cause it is not the themes it's your connection. I had to get a boost from my cell phone carrier in my area and they sent me one for free. Maybe yours will too. Good luck