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April 13, 2016
I always feel so grateful being here in WA community. Learning a lot of things and developing my knowledge in computer work or let says earning online that now I enjoyed doing it every day. Keeping the positive result of all my hard work and dedication then share what I've learned in WA community.Every time that I check my referrals list before it makes me feel frustrated sometimes for the past 3-4 months. I didn't see any sign but I keep sharing the Wealthy affiliate links in all the social
This fear is almost as universal as the fear of poverty, and its effects are just a fatal to a personal achievement, because fear destroys initiative, and discourages the use of imagination. The major symptoms of fear are.SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS Generall expressed through nervousness timidity in conversation and meeting strangers, awkward movement of hands and limbs, shifting of the eyes.LACK OF POISE Expressed to the lack voice control, nervousness in the presence of others, a poor posture of the
I have been working so hard for my goals. In the first month of 2016 I've got my first amazon dollar, it continues working and my earnings now are doing great. :) I've got another referral and my followers become 1k. Thank you so much, even though I'm not always writing blogs and became less in helping new members here in WA I'm so grateful to see my improvement in 6months with this community.For 6 months of challenge in dealing with my emotion working within the website, and things that make m
January 14, 2016
For my 5 months being here in wealthy affiliate community, I'm so grateful spending my time to be surrounded by positive people. Finally, I got the first dollar reward of my hard work.I've experience rejection in applying Adsense and some affiliate site, even in amazon I created two tracking ID but didn't make any dollar. Still continue crate for my 3rd tracking ID and spend the time to get to know amazon.Rejection is the best part of pushing me to keep going. I know this is a part of the lear
December 21, 2015
After more than two weeks of the challenge, I've gone through. Finally, I got my yearly bills pay.The days being not here in WA community makes me feel that the more you learn how to work for money, more challenge and trials come and we need to deal with.Having a strong faith and feelings that WA community will help me achieve my dreams. While waiting and figuring out how to solve this problem. I spend my time reading books about successful people, motivation, dealing with the power of the posi
I've been here in WA for almost 3 months I learned a lot of things in training lesson, community and from new and old members. From the person, I follow and the person who followed me. Today, I just share some experiences I've gone through from the first day I've been here.I feel grateful for having 525 followers and rank 113, it is a simple thing, but it make me feel more confidence and have more courage to spend my free time her in WA community. In that way, helping other members and share w
We can’t really control how life plays out, we might have plans, but usually, the hand of destiny sweeps in and changes all of our nicely packaged and perfectly ordered of our life, leaving us wondering if we’ve made a wrong turn somewhere. Truthfully, we can’t ever really know, so why worry? We don’t know how much time we really have on this planet, in this existence, so do regrets really have a purpose? They only serve to make us s
October 29, 2015
After one month being WA member, I'm crossing in the icon around my dashboard and confused clicking the thing that puzzle me wanted to know what inside this icon and what kind of lesson would learn from it.Have you clicked the word" Rapid Writer "in your dashboard?You know that being a part off my learning process, I spend a time of recognizing the possible thing around. To find the better answer in some feeling of confusion.When I click "Rapid Writer" feel up the blank box writing some thought
Avoid quitting at the first sign of difficulty. This is so common place that a failure to persist turns into self-confirmation that not trying was the best option, which then turns into folklore and hearsay about the pointlessness of trying. Anything worth doing or achieving is going to encounter hurdles and difficulties. Treat that as a given and treat the challenges as something that will test your mettle and shape you for the better, making you stronger, more astute and more compassionate. I
September 07, 2015
Days are passing by so fast, I been here since August 26.I was in my in my Facebook page, when I've seen the link of WA, and the only words that came to my mind are OPPORTUNITY. I click and sign for free registration, I've felt interested in reading and watching Kyle first video lesson.In the last august, 25 my birthday, and special someone sends me a computer as a birthday gift. But I don't much knowledge about computer things. Then I thought WA is a perfect timing for me. To start learning us