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September 22, 2014
Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since I touched base here but that's been for a very good reason! My feet have never touched the ground because I've been so busy. Read on to find out why! At fifty four, single, middle aged, overweight, five daughters, eight grandchildren, no degree or remarkable qualifications, I have cracked it! Yes me. I am finally being who I want to be, doing what I want to do and doing it the way I want to do it! All because I decided to follow my dreams.
Hiya, I know, It's pathetic.. all I've done is one blog on one page and it still needs the banners replaced but what I've done has taken me ages. so hope you will excuse the excitement, I'm just like a kid really :-) Maria :-)
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April 19, 2014
And now for something a little bit different... :-) Find out who you are, where you're up to in your life and what you're all about! If you're quite creative you might just love this. Try this interesting, revealing, fun and creative exercise, the results might just surprise you! You might just spot what makes you tick, what your passions are to help you find your niche or you may discover what there is too much of or not enough of in your life. It's a starting point from which you can b
Egon, one of our fellow wealthy affiliates does amazing work in Indonesia. He moved his family there and went to live in the slums in Jakarta to help the people who lived there. Reading his story makes me feel completely humbled and I felt impelled to share this within our community to highlight the work he does and the issues he tackles on a daily basis on behalf of people who need his help. Please read his story and send him a big thumbs up! PS I'm pu
Today I had the opportunity to be taken through an absolutely amazing visualization process and it's this that was the inspiration for this blog. The only thing I can say about it is simply Wow! It's incredible what our minds are capable of! It kick started my brain into gear and made me think about setting goals and about the barriers we put in our own way which can actually prevent us from succeeding. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy! So, I thought,"What if we remove those barriers in
Hey you guys! Its been a while, I've slipped right down in the ratings here at my beloved WA but its all been in a good cause! I will tell you the story... I got to the point where I was thinking," what am I doing? where am I going, what exactly do i need to do to take my business/ideas forward?" Now I have some AMAZING ideas and I do know they are amazing - but I come unstuck because I really have no technical skills whatsoever! For fourteen years I've been messing around online learning about
March 02, 2014
Hi Everyone, im doing a sponsored slimathon which ends at the end of April, I have set my target at 1 stone by the end of April, the charity is Cystic Fibrosis, to raise money for a massage vest for a little girl who has to be massaged everyday. This special vest helps with this and alleviates her symptoms. Id be very grateful for any sponsorship, which if I achieve it needs to be in by April 25th. Thanks XXX This little girl is Jessica, my sister's niece and soo gorgeous, only 3 years ol
February 16, 2014
Hello! I wanted to find out how many new members we have each day at WA and in my search I found this really useful link. There are lots of helpful stats from a group of affiliate marketers showing the percentages of where they advertise and the percentages for the groups earnings.. interesting reading. I hope you find it useful. Maria
So we have this amazing community here.. we share, we learn and we're happy! Sometimes though, do you find yourself wishing you had someone real standing beside you, watching over your shoulder and keeping you right or talking you through it? I know I do and now its got me thinking. No one that i know personally is into what we do or has the same goals as we do here at WA but surely there has to be someone near me. Someone that has our kind of passion and would like to get together in a local g