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After my initial rigmarole here at Wealthy Affiliate which lasted for 4 months at which time I built 2 websites in niches which weren't working for me, I eventually found a niche which I love and am passionate about. It's in the beauty and skincare category. So, in my fourth mouth, I built a website for this niche and I have since been writing and publishing articles on it.My Progress So Far Initially, my articles used to take between 3 to 4 weeks to get indexed by google but presently they tak
Come dance with me my fellow WAers. I have also upgraded to the yearly premium membership. Initially PayPal posed a challenge to me as I was constantly being told my payment could not be completed because the sum was above my limit. I was instructed to do some things which I did, but was asked to wait for a few days for a code. I was frantic as I didn't have those few days. Thankfully, the code arrived within some minutes and, here I am...a yearly member. Thanks to God and to Kyle and Carson f
September 06, 2018
Hello my friends and family members,I call you this because you are the only ones I can talk to and bare out my mind. I am at the stage in the OEC training where I have to look for and sign up with affiliate companies and networks. There are SO MANY available for my niche...that is not the problem. The problem however are: firstly, I come from a place where one of the few payment methods of affiliate commission available is the Payoneer .This entails my searching for this info about the particu
At long last, I have completed Level 2 of Online Entrepreneur Certification after almost five months. In the course of this journey I had taken a detour. Realizing I had taken a wrong turn, wrong in the sense that time was not ripe to go that part at the time that I did, I had to retrace my steps, and now here I am, just completing Level 2.My ProgressI have learnt so so much already. I have learnt to do something which, before now, had seemed like rocket science - building a website, all th