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Hi, WA Family I writing to let you know I have been working hard on my day job. It's been working me so many hours I haven't had time to do any of my training or posts online. Everyday, for the last two weeks straight I been working over 12 hours and feel like I'm losing it because I'm so tired. But, I got to still pay my bills not manner what it takes. I just can't wait to see my online website bringing in income so I can stop working so many hours only then I can sleep like normal people.
How many times have we had to weather through the storms in our life? Many of us have hit brick walls truly believing there was no way for us to turn around. But, I'm experiencing some family storms and faith and pray is my way of turning it around. We never plan to prepare for them but they happen anyway, in being successful just in life you have to pull through the good and the bad. Your most 💥 powerful way is prayer daily it makes a storm feel like soft drizzles on a sunny day.
October 02, 2019
Soon, all boats are taken out of the water and stored away for next year. So, let's sail into focusing on income growth for next year. One of my goals is to one day purchase a boat and enjoy it with my family. It's important to have dreams and plans to get all the things you want in life. But, we still have to stay focused on building our dreams businesses to be successful in for filling our real dreams. Looking forward to our future together WA community family!
September 27, 2019
Sorry for some of the late responses I been under the weather. Already it's that time of year where the weather changes and you get caught off guard with summer clothes still on. Every time it gets cold here the weather tells you it's going to be a nice day all day then it rains without any warning so you get caught in it. Then, your cold all week trying to keep warm under multiple blankets. WA just get prepared for the surprise weather this year! Sick days are no fun at all! Homemade soup
Today, in learning some more exciting training the flowers are starting to bloom. So, new comers plant your seeds deep because it's the only way for you to fully bloom. I plan to even work harder on coming up with various content posts more people would be interested in reading about regarding planting good seeds to bloom beautifully.
September 23, 2019
Are we ready for the season change of Fall? I know I’m not ready because I really do love being outside on hot humid summer days. But it’s here now so let’s getting ready to enjoy what’s coming our ways with successful new people joining us for our business journeys. WA family how do you plan to make the season work for you this year?
September 21, 2019
Each day what do we do to get our mindset on completing a task to farther our businesses. I think of how can I bring in more traffic without my credit cards being stuck on a website that I can’t remove it off of monthly. Including how much it’s going to cost me to use various sites which maybe success in comparison to the ones which are not successful. WA family is you know of some really successful traffic websites I can use please forward to this blog so we all can benefit from
September 19, 2019
WA family today I found myself outside writing in the beautiful blue skies. It was a lovely day to write just seating and thinking about this journey I’m on to success made me feel motivated shared my experiences here so far. My learning experience keeps me on feet on how to get my writing visual for others to read. My posts keeps me connected to the WA family for support and advice. And my research on niches is never ending with my business venture. So far so good and looking forwar
September 18, 2019
Hello WA Family,Currently, I have been focused on helping my nephew advertise his business. It's been a wonderful experience for me to help him get his future started up. But, I also would like to get the opinions and thoughts from my WA family members so please visit my website at and go to New Up and Rising Creative Desserts and give me your feed back on the contents of it. Thank you in advance!
September 16, 2019
When we visit each day to do our lessons, training, chats, researches, help others, and posts. It's like taking a mini vacation to get away from the real issues and problems in society today. Here we can relax and take our time and think about something interesting knowing other WA community family members maybe experiencing or thinking about or just having trouble with and somethings and can help them immediately. This is a very large community of giving, thoughtful, wonderful people who ca