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Hi WA Fam,Hope you are all doing fine. Just came up with a poem that perhaps some of you can relate to.Today I made plans,only to be led astray.I just got over one distraction,yet here comes another one my way.What´s going on here?Am I a magnet for derailment?Okay, the coast is clearfinally, back to square one.Wait, what? The day has gone?I looked at my to-do list with bitter disappointment.Today, I didn´t get s#&t done!Have a great day everyone!
July 30, 2022
Hello WA CommunitySo, you´ve been here on this WA platform for a while now.You first started ready and eager to learn, so you dived in and gave it all everything you had. Then, you got to a point of information overload because it was too much too fast, so you adjusted and made wiser choices allowing yourself time to refresh and spend time with your loved ones or just doing things you enjoyed.Then the next phase snuck up on you, and you didn´t realize it until it was almost too late
July 20, 2022
Hello WA Community,I hope you are all doing fine. Last week I had my most productive week ever since being here. I posted an article every day. The beginning was easy and smooth sailing, but towards the end, there were a few waves. However, I was still successful (by the hair on my chiny chin chin!!!).I'd like to share; how I did it and how you can, too. You can choose the number of days you would like to aim for. It does not need to be exactly like mine. The information is just for motivation
July 08, 2022
You have been on a roll for the past couple of days.Keyword research, check. Writing material for the next few weeks, check.Inspiration and motivation to write articles, check.Time to write your posts, check.So, you´ve written your articles, double-checked everything, and posted them. You feel like your productivity for the past few days have been spot on.You are pleasantly surprised by the news that a few of your recent articles are indexed in Google. You are excited and have a big chees
Happy Independence Day! America turns 246 years young.
July 03, 2022
You awaken to a beautiful day. You can´t wait to jump in and get as much work done as possible. Positive attitude? Check. To-Do List? Check. With a smile on your face, you are ready to attack the day.But the day is not so kind, perhaps downright rude, and has plans of its own for you. Everything´s coming out of the left-field. You don´t have time to create. You only have time to contain the unpleasant situations. So you push through and are relieved when you get over this hump
July 01, 2022
Hello WA community,I hope you are all well. I don´t know about you, but I enjoy writing site comments. Although I have to admit, I have not been constant as I had some issues and setbacks on my site, which I had to take care of, plus the daily research and content writing can be time-consuming (but it gets better with time).We are all working hard on our sites, and I see site comments as a very important task that I don´t take too lightly. I refuse to write anything on someone´
June 21, 2022
Hi WA Community,Hope you are all doing well. I just thought that I would take a quick second to share some great news and to inspire some of you on your journey.I just recently got the news that more of my articles have been indexed in Google. I have been posting regularly (though I had a few mishaps and couldn´t post more articles like I wanted to) but that´s life. Sometimes you have very productive periods and other times are not so productive.So keep grinding! I´m rooting f
June 14, 2022
Hello WA Community,I don´t know about you, but the WA Community wasn´t the 1st place I tried to start an online business. If you´ve watched countless Youtube videos and the like, you have heard many schools of thought on niche selection.Many Gurus drill about the importance of a niche. You have to find a hot niche. Many people choose the make money online and health niches as a result; among others. WA is the only place that didn´t add any pressure. The school of thought
I am so happy to be a part of this community. In the short time I have been here, I can see massive improvements because of my training and other tools available here. But one of the best tools has to be the loving support of the WA community (WAions). And the good news is I still have more to learn!