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Yes, that's right. It's not about the bravado that we are conditioned which is stated as "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going." I'd say, not every time. You should know when continuing is futile.History is replete with examples when intrepidity does not work. Hitler lost an entire army in Stalingrad because he refused, against all logic, to order a breakout from encirclement and stage a retreat. Kodak lost ground it had never recovered in the camera business when it insisted on clin
Not until I have joined WA and have taken the business of building a website seriously have I realized just how difficult it is to decide on a domain name.I remember my days at Blogspot when I instantly plucked names left and right out of thin air to name any blog I fancied to start! Now I am on my second week as a premium member and I just had to leave lessons after lessons uncompleted because I could not put a check mark on segments of the lesson that are dependent on me having decided on a d