The missing photo disaster

Last Update: February 25, 2017

Yesterday afternoon I published another page on my website and I also published my review page. I jokingly refer to my review page as "my crass commercial page." Like all of you out there I too hope to reap financial gain as it were. Dollars, pesos, euros, rands, shekels, etc. Anything that looks like money. The old saying; "A picture is worth a thousands words;" could not be any more true than hear at WA.

So OK, I go to my site. I'm looking at my two new pages and testing the links and the hyperlinks, and everything is fine. I'm happy now because I can share the main page to the big four social sights and move on to LEVEL 5 training. YES! At last. Level 5. Pat the old man on the back.

I started to check back in my archives from October, November, and December. Pages and posts. Oh no! All my lovely photos are gone. Many had already been deleted from my photos folder and we are talking Amazon product photos! How would I find them again? All that work and no photos. I was upset and agitated. Time for Ecuadoran rum on the rocks and of course reaching out after I collect my thoughts. First, WA site support. Second, Amazon affiliate support. At first site support was not comforting. They agreed with me that yes, the photos were gone and I should upload them again. What? Oh no. It's like starting all over again. We went back and forth several times over the next hour and a half. They were THERE. They TALKED to me. I was NOT ignored. Let's try Amazon affiliate support. After chat with Amazon I was reassured that the problem was not on their end. The SSL switch had no bearing on their end. Now what?

Back to my Private Messages. There was a new one telling me that Site Support restored all my photos. THANK YOU WA SITE SUPPORT! This one incident made all my monthly payments to WA well worth it. I was so relieved. More rum for a celebration! I had to ask one more question to our professionals at site support. What do you guys recommend for off site back up? Their answer was BackwpUp. Be advised. If I had had back up. I would not have had two hours of worry and agro. We have a great team here at WA, but other members have been doing blogs on back up. As you can tell from this blog it is so important. Three months of work could have been useless. I for one, do not want to start over. I want to continue building and improving my site. Thanks again WA Site Support. Robert

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