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This is essentially a goodbye letter to all of the great friends I've made here at WA in the last year. In the last week I became very involved with an Ecuadoran translating team that is certified to translate for the Ecuadoran judicial system. It's very important for all parties involved in court cases to understand the charges being brought against defendants. Especially the prosecutor and the judge. It's also important for the defense attorney. The easiest thing for my bilingual associa
July 11, 2017
OK: You've been using a computer for years and you know how to navigate. You can send and receive e-mails. You make online purchases. You do your banking on line and even use bill pay. You appreciate this marvelous technology. Now you want to build your own site and get into affiliate marketing. Uh oh! How do I go about that? The answer requires education and guidance. Join Wealthy Affiliate and you will get step by step guidance on how to build your site and also get web hosting. The
Be wary of messenger requests from people you don't know. It can be a lonely person who just wants to talk or it could be a person who hacked into a Face Book account and is pretending to be someone else. I have an old friend from Pennsylvania who got married and then her and her husband settled in southern California. Her name is Lorrie, and one day Lorrie sent me a message asking me if I had gotten my money from the US government. I wrote back "what money?" Now remember, I've known this
This problem has to do with online work and computers and not with WA. I'm stymied by a problem that the master brains in our community might be able to help me with. Here in Ecuador we have a government agency similar to the Social Security Administration. Ecuador has a 14% VAT on everything except basic foods and medications. If you are over the age of 65 you are allowed to submit forms with receipt records recorded on the forms. This money is then refunded to you up to an amount of $100
February 25, 2017
Yesterday afternoon I published another page on my website and I also published my review page. I jokingly refer to my review page as "my crass commercial page." Like all of you out there I too hope to reap financial gain as it were. Dollars, pesos, euros, rands, shekels, etc. Anything that looks like money. The old saying; "A picture is worth a thousands words;" could not be any more true than hear at WA.So OK, I go to my site. I'm looking at my two new pages and testing the links and th
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Trip wires and landmines everywhere! Look out! Internet scammers are all over the world wide web. And WEB just might be an appropriate name when we start looking for ways to make money from home. Jobs are hard to get. The cost of living is high, and we are scared. Working from home has become a huge desire for many people. "Come in." says the spider to the fly. Into the web we go, hoping to find an honest and reliable situation that gives us more than just survival. Bang! You get hurt
February 01, 2017
I am pleasantly surprised by the dedication badge I received today. Thank you Kyle, Carson, and the entire WA community. I appreciate your education and support. Blessings, Robert.
It's a good thing I wasn't looking for a quick buck when I joined WA. WA is a long term commitment with a steep learning curve. It takes patience and determination to go through the training. You need to find the time and balance within your personal life. In the beginning it's easy. As time goes on and you get more and more followers, you also get more and more mail. You make friends and they become a part of your daily life. You want to stay in touch with them and not be rude. It's fu
I wanted to share my New Year's Eve videos and comments with my friends here at WA. I hope you find them interesting and entertaining. It's all good fun. I'm on course 4, lesson 3 and that's about social engagement anyway, so I will need you to pop on over to Facebook. Word Press won't take files this large and this WA blog won't take large files either. What's a guy supposed to do? Anyway I clicked on sharing my post with the WA group on Facebook and I certainly hope there are no problem
October 16, 2016
Negative People I am going to stop talking about my work here on WA. My friends don't have a clue as to what is happening in this community and they don't know anything about affiliate marketing. I was seeing red last night as I had to listen to a friend brag about the great deals she gets from Alibaba and Amazon. Cudos to her for knowing about the great deals, but don't tell me I'm wasting my time with affiliate marketing. "I go right to Alibaba or Amazon and do my shopping. Why would I