Thank you

Last Update: September 22, 2018

To the women and men, who've been here doing this consistently, "THANK YOU", for continiously sharing your knowledge of all things WA, inspiring those of us whom at times lose our bearings, we now have your experiences as a guide to navigate thru these unchartered waters.

For welcoming us "newbs" into the WA community, "THANK YOU", it felt like returning home from an extended vacation and everybody in the neighbourhood is on their lawn greeting you. To those of you who started the same time as me and after believe and know within yourself that everything that you've envisioned awaits. Whatever the goal(s) that you've set, will not be achieved by simply clicking a button, it will require dedication, discipline, and desire.

One of the reminders I see everywhere is if at any time you have a problem or not understanding what the next task is to complete there's ways of dealing with that...simply just reach out and ask someone who has already overcome your current obstacle...if your too reserved to post in the Live Chat, then simply connect with them via by clicking on that person's profile pic and Private Message them.

And remember you have over a million like-minded souls, who's been there, done that, and still kicking ass, rooting for you.



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bervinjones Premium
This is the place to be.
PeterMay Premium
It really is an amazing community.
ShaunnaLynne Premium
It's an amazing 'place'
AnthonyMLM Premium
Great post Thank you