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Hello members,I believe that Facebook ads are really powerful in gaining conversions to your website, and I'm thinking seriously about using them once I build a good content on my website.Here's a good course that covers all what you need to know about Facebook Ads: you find it useful :)Thanks,Rawan
August 17, 2017
I'm glad that I've just finished course 4, Wish me luck in course 5!:)
August 15, 2017
Hello all,I'm so glad to tell you that my post "Get Jealous and Lose Weight" has ranked on the 4th page on Google search results without quotation marks:And the first result with quotations:1I'd like to thank Jay for that result, the on page SEO primer training was very useful!Rawan
August 05, 2017
Tell me something..What motivates you when you feel down? What makes your blood boil again, what makes you run to your laptop to work harder and harder?
Hello there,I was thinking, If some reader visited my website and enjoyed an article that I have chosen based on the keyword tool or Jaaxy, he would probably look for another articles in my website that have to be attractive and indicative to my real opinion and my real me.So I thought it would be better to choose 2 topics based on keyword tool and 1 topic without keyword tool, as sometimes you would have an idea that no one has searched for on the internet, so if you search for a keyword for t
July 07, 2017
Hello great members,Today is my 33rd birthday, and when I thought what made this birthday special for me more than any previous year, I found that having a new goal in my life here at WA not only made this birthday a happy one, but also makes all my coming days full of enthusiasm, power, and satisfaction.Joining WA and being in touch with all of you dear members made me live a different experience, I feel more powerful and confident with all the support I find here.Thank you all for making my b
June 21, 2017
Hello all,I would love to summarize my WA achievements so far, I’m about to complete course 2, I’ve created my website which is it’s all about Weight Loss, Health, and Being fit, and I’m proud of it, it happened just too fast, I thought I would need more time to get here! Thank you WA and many Thanks for you dear members, for all the help and the support :)
June 02, 2017
Hello Everyone,"Ramadan Kareem" to you all, this kind of greeting is used between Muslims as the holy month of Ramadan has been started since May 27th, Ramadan is the name of the month in which all Muslims fast from dawn until dusk, we're talking about around 19 hours a day in my country, the length of fasting varies from one country to another based on the location, some countries fast 22 hours a day!Our fasting means spending all these hours without eating or drinking anything, even smoking i
May 17, 2017
I've just created my first website, It's just the beginning, and I'm very happy for this achievement!Have a look and tell me what do you think www.slimbrains.comRawan
May 14, 2017
Hello Friends,I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Rawan Hajjar, I'm new here, would love to be your friend, and would definitely ask for your help and assistance one day :)Looking forward to hearing from you.Rawan